I giggled at the your shouting, hugging you back. “I know, but you love me anyways,” I said as I let go of you and looked for the ingredients to make cookies. I was able to find everything except for chocolate chips.


"Waifu, do you have any chocolate chips?"

The ravenette furrowed her eyebrows together as a frown formed on her face. She glared softly at Caroline before averting her gaze away. "You big butt…." She mumbled, before walking to the other side of the kitchen and opening multiple cupboards, finally coming across the one that held the bag of chocolate chips in them.

"Luckily for you, we still have some left, though I might have to go out and buy more later if we run out… My sister mentioned something about wanting to bake something for me when she came back home." Melody responded, finding her calm and regaining her cool again. Ebony hair fell over her shoulders as she tilted her head to the side, rubbing her neck for  second.


— And I don’t mind( if you don’t mind ) 

            ‘cause I don’t S H I N E 

             if { you } don’t shine …



I stopped being upset when you hugged me, but then brightened up a bit when you kissed me on the cheek. “Ok, we can go make the cookies you wanted earlier,” I agreed with your suggestion. 


I got up and surprised kissed you before I ran to the kitchen.

Bewildered by the sudden kiss from the other female, the ravenette stood frozen in her spot, her face beginning to blush as she once again become flustered. A minute of recollecting later did she frown and puff her cheeks out, jumping back up o her fee and chasing after the redhead down the stairs. “You big idiot!!” Melody exclaimed with a stumble on her words, quickly catching up to the much taller girl and embracing her tightly in a deadly grip. At least, an attempt of a life-crushing hold. “You big idiot!! Kissing me all of a sudden like that, I should punch you so hard right now!!”

"You’re the biggest nerd ever!!"

Meltacon had wanted to stop by the Pearson residence before he had left for Night Patrol with his counterpart, so he found it appropriate to at least say goodnight to his girlfriend before leaving to continue on. Using magic to swiftly create a black rose, he held the flower in one hand as he knocked on the door, hoping that perhaps the brunette would be awake around then.


Marie yawned and rubbed her eyes and opened the door, her hair up in a messy bun and her clothes looking quite slept in. “Mm…who is it—…Meltacon?” She asked, blinking a few times to clear her vision.

Meltacon chuckled lightly at the sight before him, giving a nod of response. “Yes, it is indeed I, princess.” The male presented the dark colored rose to the brunette before straightening himself. “I wanted to tell you goodnight before Melodilia and I left for Night Patrol, my love.”

—Sємι-σηℓιηє; Sєη∂ιηg αѕкѕ.

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✪✪✪✪ = You’re okay
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{ Place One in My Inbox - Questions Edition }

Can work as an ice breaker, starter maker, or just a simple little ask meme.

  • "Am I dead?"
  • "Another one?"
  • "And what if I don’t?"
  • "Are you afraid of God?"
  • "Are you crazy?”
  • "Are you lost?"
  • "Are you really that shallow?"
  • "Are you sure it’s okay?"
  • "Are you sure there were no survivors?"
  • "Can I trust you?"
  • "Can we go now?"
  • "Can we not fight tonight?"
  • "Can’t or won’t?"
  • "Do you even care about how I feel?"
  • "Do you expect me to believe that?"
  • "Do you have any idea what you just did?"
  • "Do you love me?"
  • "Do you trust me?"
  • "Do you want to talk about it?"
  • "How could you do this?"
  • "How did you escape?"
  • "How long has it been since you last slept?"
  • "How long have you been there?"
  • "Is that blood behind your ear?"
  • "Is that really a gamble you’re willing to make?"
  • "Just go, alright?"
  • "Mind if I sleep here tonight?"
  • "Really?"
  • "Tell me: have you ever been afraid like this?"
  • "That’s the best you could come up with?"
  • "Wait, were you being sarcastic or…?"
  • "Want to hear a secret?"
  • "Was I the only one who thought that?"
  • "Well, that’s what I said, isn’t it?"
  • "What are you?"
  • "What are you doing here?"
  • "What do I have to say to make you understand?"
  • "What do you keep writing in that notebook?"
  • "What do you want with me?"
  • "What happened?"
  • "What if you stayed this time?"
  • "What if… what if I don’t want to be free?"
  • "What’s in it for me?"
  • "What’s in it for you?"
  • "When have I ever lied to you?"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "Where did you last see it?"
  • "Where’s the rest of the body?"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "Who did this to you?"
  • "Why are you so angry?"
  • "Why are you so calm about this?"
  • "Why do you have this urge to control people all the time?"
  • "Why do you keep doing this to me?"
  • "Why do you have to make everything about you?"
  • "Why does it always have to be alcohol?"
  • "Why don’t you come over here and prove it?"
  • "Why is the truth so important to you?"
  • "Why should I help you?"
  • "Wouldn’t that be nice?"
  • "You don’t remember me?"
  • "You expect me to believe you haven’t done this before?"
  • "You’ve been pretending all this time?"

Oh! It’s an egg! I wonder what it’ll hatch into..


Anastasia stared at the egg in front of her, blinking softly before curiously taking it into her hold. She scanned the vicinity for a moment, seeing as to there was no other horde of Pokemon or perhaps the parents of the egg. There was nothing in sight besides her own team and the two little ones. She cocked an eyebrow, looking back at the egg in her hold. This egg is abandoned… The raven-haired girl thought, taking a moment before she decided to take care of it herself. A smile graced her gentle face, blue optics sparkling with a new-found compassion. “It looks like you have a new family now… With us….”

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There will be no legendaries

The teenager gave a sigh, her eyes shutting as the sounds of the bustling city filled her ears, her hand placing over her cup of tea. Her pointer finger soon ran along the outlines of the cup, with her head rested on her free hand. Her team had insisted she spend a day of no work or fighting after a long time, and only after the day that she exhausted herself to a certain limit had she finally agreed to the idea. The violetnette had also taken her elder sister figure’s suggestion of going to the newly built cafe of the city to start off her day of relaxation, and she wouldn’t lie, it had been very smart of Melody to go to the cafe. Lilac locks fell over her shoulder, continuing to trace along the cup for a moment, before picking it up and bringing it to her lips, inhaling the lovely scent of Early Grey, sipping it with hidden delight. The Elementress certainly loved her tea, if not more then some people.

Melody placed her cup back down, biting into the muffin she had bought along with her tea. Half an hour had gone by, Melody taking her time to enjoy herself a bit, her teacup had been empty and so had her plate. Her eyes opened, revealing their shiny sapphire gleam, before she had sat up from her spot, placed a tip on the plate for the person who would come to clean up, and left the cafe. The female walked leisurely around the city, a thin line formed at he lips as she glanced all about, caught off guard when another person had bumped into her. The Elementress stumbled back a bit, looking at the other person who she bumped into with a tiny scowl on her face. She inhaled and exhaled deeply as she regained herself, and crossed her arms over her chest. “My apologizes, I had not been paying attention as to where I had been going…”

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                 ❝     One of the most beautiful qualities of friendship
                                  is to understand 
and to be understood.    ❞



Don’t you know how you changed me?
Strange how I finally see…

                                   I’ve found home.
                                 You’re my h o m e. 

                                                                           stay with me.


Auburn eyes focused on the large building that seemed to increase further the more the albino walked. An unamused look was found on the Fox Demoness’ face, blinking softly as a light exhale escaped her lips, pulling the hood of her black cape over her head. Delfilia wanted to go back to the Manor, but that wouldn’t be the case until she reported to Lord Death about her finished mission from the night before in Italy. Aside from the Kishin nearly pulling her spine out, and the amount of stitching that needed to be done from the large slice wound on her back, she was perfectly fine… Not that her limping or light dizziness would exactly agree with her. Delfilia forced herself to stand tall and get the report over with, but that felt nearly impossible. A shaky breath was released, and before she could walk through the entrance had the Meister collapsed to her knees, a hand moving to hold her hanging head.

A few students who had just so happened to be walking inside the DWMA had gasped at the sight, but none had approached her, considering that she was known for her Demon blood, her mischievousness, and her short-temper whenever someone mentioned the Death family around due to her being adopted into said family. Delfilia’s breathing began to go at an uneven pace, and a shadow loomed over her, her attention slowly moving heavenward to see the person standing in front of her. The albino Meister revealed her dark red eyes to have a glossed over look, going to fall unconscious at any minute.

"Fleuuuuuur, where aaare yoooooou?" The ebony-haired trainer called, walking along the forest with a small smile on her face. Her Budew had somehow snagged her hat when she wasn’t looking and ran off with it, she assumed it as her own way of wanting to play with her. Denim blue eyes shined with a sense of mischief, looking around every tree and bush for the giddy Grass Pokemon. Budew hid deep in the forest in a bush, giggling every so often when Anastasia wasn’t able to find her. Anastasia was patient for the little one, a little Azurill by the name of Aurora bouncing behind her, calling out for her friend as well. Though, Anastasia’s Lucario, Aura, had begun to grow impatient with the hiding Bud Pokemon, eventually growling lowly at the delayed training that followed with Fleur.

"Fleuuuuurrrr~" Anastasia called once more, stretching out the name all the while. Fleur giggled with excitement, but that shortly came to an end when a large shadow loomed over the small Pokemon, making the giggles end with silence and fear, shortly bringing on cries and screams from the Budew. Anastasia, Aurora and Aura heard the cries of fear, turning in the direction of the source, seeing Fleur jump out of place and scurry over to Anastasia. The female trainer immediately picked the two smaller Pokemon into her arms, Lucario soon standing in front of her trainer with a protective stance. Anastasia narrowed her eyes down, her eyes darkening of their previous shine. "Who’s there? Show yourself!" She called out, a near demanding tone in her voice, holding the frightened ones tightly.